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  • Meet Ig Nobel prize winners at Stockholm University 2018-03-23 Can a cat be solid and liquid at the same time? How does a fetus respond to music played in the mothers vagina? and How does the ability to lie change within a lifespan? The Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded every year for ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think". Meet three of the laureates. Watch the event at
  • World Water Day: The answer is nature 2018-03-22 How can nature help us to have clean drinking water? Scientists at DEEP have part of the solutions.
  • Fake news are not ”news” – fueling populism since 1917 2018-03-21 Did you know that fake news circulated more than a hundred years ago? An example is the gruesome anti-German hoax that had momentous consequences. Our PhD student Serena Coppolino Perfumi gives a historical perspective on misinformation in a new blog post.
  • Small membrane proteins regulate respiration in mitochondria 2018-03-22 Energy conversion in living organisms is carried out by large protein complexes composed of multiple components. Small regulatory proteins control this process by changing the distance between these components and modulating their activities. In a recent publication, the structure of such a small regulatory protein was determined, revealing surprising features that are tightly linked to its function.
  • Isa Blumi at Open Day Photo: Karin Persson Many visitors at Open Day 2018-03-20 Open Day on 14 March was a chance for prospective students to visit Stockholm University and find out a little bit more about what it is like to study here.
  • Meeting the need for higher education on a massive scale in Sub-Saharan Africa 2018-03-19 “We need to invest in human capital and education with regard to economic growth, and as the promoter of democratic freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa", says Love Ekenberg to University World News.
  • Thomas Faist, Universität Bielefeld A transnational approach to migration 2018-03-18 In February Professor Thomas Faist (Bielefeld University) visited Forum for Transnational Migration Research to give the lecture “A Transnational Approach to Migration: Concepts and Methodology”.
  • Strengthening ties between Europe and Latin America 2018-03-16 New Framework Cooperation Agreement between Stockholm University and the Europe-Latin America Foundation (EU-LAC).


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