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University news

  • Get to know Stockholm University's Nobel Prize winners during this virtual guided tour led by Olof Somell of the Nobel Prize Museum. Nobel Calling Stockholm 2020 2020-10-01 For the third year in a row Stockholm University, in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum, will arrange a number of activities linked to the Nobel Prize. Activities include a Nobel-themed virtual tour and an open lecture on the hunt for a cure for covid-19.
  • Wallenberg grant for research on aggression 2020-09-30 How is aggression controlled in the brain and what methods can we use to influence it? These are some of the questions that Christian Broberger, professor of neurochemistry, hopes to get answers to during a five-year project that now receives SEK 20.4 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.
  • The Fifth and Final Volume of Ars Edendi Lecture Series 2020-09-23 This "Ars Edendi Lecture Series Volume V" is the final volume of lectures on textual criticism and classical philology given within the framework of the Ars edendi research programme (2008-2015), edited by Erika Kihlman and Denis Searby.
  • Jonas Hentati-Sundberg Guillemots of the Baltic: Linking the seabed and the sky 2020-09-23 On the island of Stora Karlsö up to 100 000 seabirds nest. In a new study a group of curious young researchers from three different universities show how guillemots fuel northern Europe's largest colony of house martins.
  • Gunnar Andersson. Foto: Leila Zoubir/Stockholms universitet He wanted to move towards retirement in southern Europe, but the research kept him in Sweden 2020-09-15 His goal was to take the first chance to move abroad and then move further south through research jobs to finally retire in a warmer climate. But for Gunnar Andersson, Professor of Demography, things turned out differently.
  • Reality and process 2020-09-14 Xavier Zubiri Foundation, Stockholm University, Central University of Venezuela and Center of Science and Faith invite you to participate in the transdisciplinary seminar streaming “Reality and process”.
  • New workshop series for entrepreneurs-to-be 2020-10-01 Are you curious about entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about starting your own business but don’t know where to begin?
  • Cultural transmission. Photo: Cienpies Design New interdisciplinary master's courses in cultural evolution 2020-09-10 Are you interested in a broad interdisciplinary perspective on cultural change, integrating the humanities, social and natural sciences? Then these courses are for you!

News related to the coronavirus

News about research and other activities at Stockholm University related to the coronavirus.

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