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University news

  • Leiden Ranking 2020 2020-07-14 In the beginning of July CWTS Leiden University presented the Leiden Ranking 2020. The ranking measures the scientific performance of more than 1100 major universities worldwide.
  • New depth map over the Arctic Ocean 2020-07-13 Details of a new depth map of the Arctic Ocean have been published in the Nature Journal Scientific Data.
  • The White House in Washington D.C. Photo: Samuel Borges © Mostphotos Professor: 'Trump's divisive speech is coming under increased scrutiny' 2020-07-09 The US president Donald Trump has created a new way of talking in public premised on the expression of anger, according to Cardiff University Journalism Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. During her visit to Stockholm University in January she labelled his rhetoric as 'angry populism'.
  • Information-ikonen Stockholm University's premises will open step by step 2020-07-06 From the beginning of the autumn semester, Stockholm University will return to campus-based teaching as far as possible, on condition that recommendations do not change. Each department is responsible for the planning and opening of its own premises.
  • Långörad fladdermus. Foto: Sirpa Ukura/Mostphotos Researchers need help with bat observations 2020-07-06 Have you seen a bat? Then let the researchers in the BatMapper project know about it! The purpose of the project is to find out how bats are affected by climate change.
  • Photo: Orasis Foto/MÅ Torsten Persson in the Government's Corona Commission 2020-07-03 A commission has been tasked with evaluating the measures taken by the Swedish government and regions to limit the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as the effects of the spread.
  • Spring Term’s online education: a challenge with development potential 2020-07-03 The Center for the Advancement of University Teaching now presents the first results of the survey where students and teachers at Stockholm University have answered questions about their experiences of switching to online education this spring.
  • Information on useful tools collected in new database 2020-07-03 A new database collects information about available decision support tools, developed to assist ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. There is also information on how well the tools meet important performance criteria.

News related to the coronavirus

News about research and other activities at Stockholm University related to the coronavirus.

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