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  • Scientific research: The bad and the preregistered 2019-04-17 What shall we eat and not eat? Do vaccines work? Do mobile phones cause cancer? In everyday life, we want to make sensible decisions about our behavior. In these decisions, scientific facts often play an important role, but is there always convincing evidence for the facts that we use to guide our decisions? Preregistration allows scientists to define their actual predictions and prove that their hypotheses came before the data.
  • Rodney Edvinsson, Photo: Therese Nordlund Edvinsson/Stockholm University The real cost of a loaf of bread in Game of Thrones 2019-04-17 Professor Rodney Edvinsson has developed a currency converter for Westeros which enables comparisons between the fictional world and real life.
  • Three researchers receive EU-funding from MSCA 2019-04-12 Three researchers at Stockholm University have been awarded funding within Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF), which is the EU’s Research Mobility Program. The projects are in the fields of environmental science, astronomy and medieval history.
  • Shut up and write! 2019-04-12 Are you writing a thesis, report or research essay this semester? Join us for a Shut up and write! session at the Stockholm University library. For four hours, from 4-8pm, you write intensively with other students. During pauses, you can get feedback on your work and advice on finishing your thesis project successfully.
  • Gunnar Andersson. Photo: Stockholm University New ERC grant on immigrants’ future life chances 2019-04-11 How do the life courses of immigrants and their descendants look? And why do they differ between different groups? A new project in collaboration with Stockholm University aiming to answer these questions has been granted funding from the European Research Council, ERC.
Members of IAWRT delivered a report showing the poor working conditions female employees of a public service broadcaster in India's capital New Delhi were facing - revealing among other things that there were no toilets for women. Photo: SavvaPanf Photo © 2018 Mostphotos. Researcher: No toilets for women in Indian public service broadcaster 2019-04-12 Last year IAWRT, an international association for women working in the media sector, finalized a 4-year gender equality project that was conducted in India, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. In a new handbook on gender equality in media, Greta Gober, Stockholm University, describes the IAWRT members' experiences of the project.
  • Photo: Mostphotos Restrictive migration policies contribute to poor migrant health in high-income countries 2019-04-11 Restrictive entry and integration policies have adverse effects on the health of migrants in high-income countries, according to the most comprehensive assessment to date, published in The Lancet Global Health.
  • Video: See the entire Plan S seminar 2019-04-10 The EU initiative Plan S was launched in September 2018, and to enable an open dialogue on such a complex issue, Stockholm University organized an open seminar where President Astrid Söderbergh Widding, amongst others, participated.


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