Ulrika Söderlind is a researcher at the Department of Economic History at Stockholm University and has written six books on food and beverage history. Her most recent book, "Ancient foodways - gastronomy in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Luristan and the Muslim World", was published in 2015. The book is based on the archaeological collections available at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm, which can be attributed to food and drinks in different ways. The book begins with a chapter that constitute the theory of the book, called "The gastronomic man / Homo Gastronomicus". This theory explains the factors that affect human choice of food and drink, both everyday food and what is served on special occasions. These factors are then tested in the different civilizations. The book has now been awarded best Swedish culinary history book in the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards.

Worldwide competition

Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards is a worldwide competition founded by Edouard Cointreau. This year’s competition has contributors from 209 nations. The books compete on a local basis and the winning books in each category then goes on to compete for the title "Best in the World" in the represented categories. This year's final will be held in China in May 2016.

Previous awards to Ulrica Söderlind

Ulrica Söderlind has previously received awards in the same competition. In 2010, the book "The Nobel Banquets - A Century of Culinary History 1901-2001" was named best Swedish book in the category Scandinavian books on food and wine, and in 2006 her thesis "Skrovmål" was named best single subject book in Sweden.