Eva Dahlman. Photo: Eva Wernlid
Eva Dahlman. Photo: Eva Wernlid

Eva Dahlman is photo historian and ethnologist. She has played a significant role in research on photography in Sweden. For decades she has worked to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Swedish photography for the benefit of future research and knowledge. Dahlman has served at the National Library of Sweden, developed the National Secretariat for Photography at the Nordic Museum and is currently a leading force behind the National Network for the Preservation of Photography. Her research focuses on female photographers and rural photography in Sweden.

Kajsa Öberg Lindsten. Photo: Vladimir Grigoriev
Kajsa Öberg Lindsten. Photo: Vladimir Grigoriev

Kajsa Öberg Lindsten is a translator and a literary critic. Among her translations from Russian into Swedish are books by Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich and literary scholar Mikhail Bakhtin, whose manifold work has had an impact e.g. on today’s translation studies. For her work on Andrei Platonov’s novel Chevengur she was awarded Swedish Writers’ Union’s Prize Translation of the Year in 2016. Publishing companies Daidalos, Anthropos, and Ersatz publish her translations from Russian and French.





Johan Eriksson. Foto: Tobias Regell/Camera Link
Johan Eriksson. Photo: Tobias Regell/Camera Link

Johan Eriksson is a defense attorney with a Master of Laws. He has been chosen as ”the lawyer’s lawyer” a number of times – the attorney that other lawyers would like to be defended by. In his capacity as a defense attorney in delicate cases of interest to the general public, he has been able to explain to the same general public in an adequate and sensitive manner the often complicated modus operandi of the law: the possible, the impossible. He is an ambassador for bridge-building between the practical and academic sides of the law, who maintains a regular contact with the university with a particular focus on students, the generations of lawyers to come, striving to stimulate them to study, to make an effort, in order to contribute to a better (legal) world.


Social sciences

Axel van den Berg. Photo: Centre Japonais de la photo
Axel van den Berg. Photo: Centre Japonais de la photo

Professor Axel van den Berg is an internationally highly respected sociologist whose research interests include economic sociology, welfare state and labour market as well as sociological theory. His contribution to sociological research at Stockholm University includes comparative projects on labour market and social policy, but also important theoretical contributions to debates on the uses and abuses of theories in the social sciences, and the relation between politics, values and social science.


Elizabeth Churchill.
Elizabeth Churchill

Throughout her career Elizabeth Churchill has worked extensively to improve the usability of software technologies. As Director of User Experience at Google, Dr. Churchill and her group focus on improving Google’s development tools, such as Google’s Design System and the underlying Android operating system. Elected Vice President of the Association of Computing Machinery in 2018, Dr. Churchill has degrees from University of Cambridge (PhD, 1991) and University of Sussex (BSc, 1983; MSc 1987).




Nora Underwood. Photo: Brian Inouye
Nora Underwood.
Photo: Brian Inouye

Nora Underwood is Professor at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Her research involves both theoretical analyses and field studies on interactions between plants and animals, and how these interactions determine plant population dynamics. Her most important contributions involve the role of complexity in plant communities, both within species due to genetic variation and between species due to variation in species composition, on attack rates by herbivorous insects.



Frances Westley. Photo: University of Waterloo
Frances Westley. Photo: University of Waterloo

Frances Westley is Professor of Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and researches social innovation, visionary leadership and strategies for sustainable development. Her work on the transformation to sustainable development and the importance of institutional entrepreneurs in resilience and socio-economic systems has gained international attention. She has collaborated for decades with natural scientists in order to improve the administration of ecosystems, natural resources and biological diversity. Frances Wesley has been a board member of the Stockholm Resilience Centre since its founding in 2007 where she has played a key role in the centre’s growth and inspired researchers and co-workers to constructively engage across disciplinary boundaries with today’s big issues.


Conferment ceremony Stockholm City Hall on 27 September 2019

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