Tomas Tranströmer
Photo © Ulla Montan. Courtesy: Albert Bonniers Förlag

Tomas Tranströmer studied literature history and poetics, the history of religion, and psychology at Stockholm University. In 1956 he gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in the same subjects. After completing his studies, Tomas Tranströmer was employed in 1957 as an assistant at the Institution for Psychometrics at Stockholm University. Source:

Honorary Doctor at Faculty of Humanities 1990
Tomas Transtromer, (1931-2015), appeared not only as one of the century's great Swedish poets — he was also an internationally celebrated poet, translated into over thirty languages.

Leading poets in other countries have also been inspired by his poetry, including the poet's Chinese interpreter Bei Dao and Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky. Brodsky has in fact previously proposed Tranströmer as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Tranströmer pursued his studies and his first professional practice at Stockholm University, and the first major work on his poetry - Kjell Espmark's "Resans formler" - (1983) was published here.
Source: programme for the installation and conferment ceremony in City Hall on 21 September 1990.

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