Åke NIlsson, Françoise Sule and Patrick Hébert
Åke Nilsson, Françoise Sule and Patrick Hébert


"To be awarded a prize for our work on the project that has had a clear purpose to educate about racism is an honor. Especially in today’s world. The prize is awarded to all those who have worked with the project and made it possible, it is a team effort, from the translator to the French teacher association members," François Sule said at the announcement of the prize.

Lectures in Swedish schools on racism

The French Teachers' Association in Sweden (FLF) has organized a series of conferences with the French former football player and now author Lilian Thuram in Rinkeby, Stockholm and Umeå in 2015 and arranged an event at the Book Fair in Gothenburg. FLF supports Lilian Thuram’s work against racism by including his book "My black stars" in the French language curriculum used with Swedish high school students. FLF has also supported the translation into Swedish and publication of Thuram’s books in Sweden. In March 2015 Lilian Thuram visited Stockholm University for a fully packed lecture.

Collaborative project with an educational purpose

Françoise Sule
Françoise Sule

"The project has been like to score a goal, together, with the purpose of educating youth," says François Sule with reference to Lilian Thuram’s previous career as a footballer in France, including in the French national team. "It started with a student's question about why Thuram’s book was not available in Swedish, and it has evolved into a project that Thuram has been very much involved in. He wants to meet young people and students and talk to them directly. The reaction to his lectures has been recognition among some, while others have said that they did not know how it actually was, but that now, thanks to his book and lecture they know more. We all have a responsibility as individuals in society, just as in football, we are individuals in a larger context where we must play together."

Prize for French-language projects

The Francophonie Prize rewards a person or an organization based in Sweden who conducts a French project. The project aims to promote the humanitarian and cultural values of the Francophonie. This year's award winners were announced by the Canadian Embassy's Counsellor Patrick Hébert, President of the Organization for Francophonie in Sweden, at the Foreign Ministry's International Press Centre in Stockholm.

The prize is awarded by the embassies organizing the Month of Francophonie in Sweden, with the support of Folkuniversitet. The ceremony will take place on 22 March in connection with the celebration of the Official Day of Francophonie at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm.

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The Organisation for Francophonie was founded in 1970 and has over 80 countries in five continents as members.