Stockholms universitets guldmedalj i 8:e storleken i band
Foto: Eva Dalin

Stockholm University's gold medal in the 8th size was established in 2010 and is awarded to a person who has significantly contributed/helped to strengthen Stockholm University, its research or its education.


Ishak Alaton, Ishak bey

The late Ishak Alaton, Ishak bey, played an absolutely decisive role for the establishment of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish studies, which this year celebrates its fifth anniversary. By taking the lead and encouraging other partners to follow in his footsteps, he enabled the substantial external funding and support from Turkish partners which was of crucial importance both for the breadth and the international credibility of the institute. His lifelong engagement for democracy and tolerance has been a source of great inspiration.

His own heartfelt love for Sweden, ever since the years he spent here in the 1950s, his beautiful Swedish, which survived throughout the decades, and his great solidarity with this initiative at Stockholm University has left us behind in profound gratitude. May his memory be living and honoured!

Agneta Bladh

Agneta Bladh graduated with a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University in 1987 and worked early on as faculty director of studies and as head of faculty office at the University. She has thereafter had a series of significant positions and assignments within the university sector, nationally as well as internationally, as state secretary and vice-chancellor to mention a few, and she is currently both the chair of the Swedish Research Council and special investigator of internationalisation appointed by the Government. Despite her numerous prestigious assignments, she accepted without hesitation in 2011, out of loyalty to her alma mater, the position as chair of the library board at Stockholm University, an assignment that she held for six years. She acted as chair with knowledge and great commitment. The reorganisation that was carried out with her active assistance – where the library was integrated into the university administration while retaining the necessary influence from the faculties – has become a significant reform for the numerous important issues concerning open academia, where the library is today at the international forefront, thus benefiting Stockholm University and Sweden at large.

Göran Scharmer

Göran Scharmer has, while being employed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, been the head of the Institute for Solar Physics since 1990 and adjunct professor at Stockholm University. Scharmer has, through the extraordinarily clever design and construction of solar telescopes and related instruments, contributed significantly to the development of ground-based observational solar physics. The Swedish 1-metre telescope installed in La Palma in 2002 is a world-leading research instrument and the most scientifically successful, ground-based solar telescope. After Stockholm University, with the support of the Swedish Research Council, took over the responsibility for the Institute for Solar Physics from the Royal Academy of Sciences in 2013, the scientific activities have under Scharmer’s leadership grown rapidly and the institute is today one of the world’s leading research centers in observational solar physics. 

Ceremony in Stockholm City Hall

The medals will be awarded during the Stockholm University Inauguration and Conferment Ceremony at Stockholm City Hall on 28 September 2018.