A major official grant was approved by the Swedish Riksdag in December 2011 and on May 11, 2012 the agreement of the new Stockholm Prize in Criminology Foundation was signed. The Torsten Söderberg Foundation, with the support of the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, has generously provided the necessary matching funds.

The Jerry Lee Foundation, original donor to the Stockholm Criminology Prize, as well as the Tokyo-based Hitachi Mirai Foundation will continue their support for the Prize as co-founders to the new Stockholm Prize in Criminology Foundation.

The Torsten Söderberg Foundation, founded in 1960 by Torsten and Wanja Söderberg and their sons, is dedicated to promoting scientific research and educational programmes, primarily within the fields of economy, medicine and jurisprudence. In 2012, the foundation awarded grants in surplus of 142 million SEK. The donations to the Stockholm Prize in Criminology Foundation have been made in honour of Med. Dr h.c. Edvard Söderberg.

The Jerry Lee Foundation is dedicated primarily to reducing crime and enhancing education through research on what works to achieve these goals. The foundation is committed to solving social problems associated with poverty, especially in American inner cities that suffer from concentrated poverty. The foundation’s special concerns are elementary education and crime.

The Hitachi Mirai Foundation is engaged in a wide range of activities including the prevention of juvenile crime and delinquency, the enhancement of correctional and rehabilitation services for prison inmates and reform school students, and the promotion of social understanding and cooperation on issues involving young people.

Historical background

In 2010, on the initiative of the Torsten Söderberg Foundation and the Swedish Government, steps were taken to ensure the permanence of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology by establishing an independent foundation - the Stockholm Prize in Criminology Foundation.

To secure the viability of the new foundation, this initiative was supported by major one-time contributions by the Torsten Söderberg Foundation and the Swedish Government.

The Jerry Lee Foundation transfered its earlier financial commitments from SPICA (the Stockholm Prize in Criminology Association) to the new foundation. The Hitachi Mirai Foundation undertook to support the new foundation at the current level of its annual contribution to SPICA; this commitment will continue for the foreseeable future, subject to the yearly approval of its board. The Hitachi Mirai Foundation will also endeavour to support and finance the participation of Japanese criminologists in the Stockholm Criminology Symposium.

The founders of the new foundation are the Torsten Söderberg Foundation and the Swedish Government. They are joined by the original donor to the Prize, Jerry Lee (through the Jerry Lee Foundation) and the Hitachi Mirai Foundation as co-founders of the new foundation.

On 11 May 2012, SPICA was dissolved and transferred its funds, rights and obligations, including the aforementioned agreement with the Jerry Lee Foundation, to the new Stockholm Prize in Criminology Foundation.

Read more about the establishment of the foundation (the Swedish Government website, in Swedish).

The board of the foundation

The board of the foundation consists of Sten Heckscher (chairman) and members Lars Hjalmar Wide, Maria Söderberg, Astrid Söderbergh Widding and Erik Grevholm. Secretary is Johanna Viberg.