The Prize was awarded to Professors Olds and Shepherd for their field experiments in policies for crime and injury prevention.

The jury selecting the winners of the third Stockholm Prize in Criminology took special note of Old's success in preventing child abuse and the later delinquency child abuse may foster, and of Shepherd's success in showing how serious injury in barfights can be prevented. The jury cited both the scientific excellence of the work and its increasing influence on public policies likely to reduce crime and advance human rights.

Prize recipients 2008 David Olds and Jonathan Shepherd.
Beatrice Ask (Minister of Justice), Jonathan Shepherd, Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, David Olds, Jerry Lee. Photo: BRÅ.

About David Olds

David Olds, Ph.D. is Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Preventive Medicine, and Director of the Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, USA.

Dr. Olds, like his co-winner Dr. Shepherd, is a pioneer in crime prevention. He is a former child care worker and is world-renowned for his development of an effective strategy for preventing child abuse and the adult crime it causes. His evidence based strategy sends highly trained nurses to visit at-risk young mothers at home repeatedly, before and two years after their first child is born. Using repeated controlled tests to measure the effectiveness of this strategy, he has demonstrated substantial reductions in juvenile delinquency, and even lower arrest rates among white, black and Hispanic mothers in the US offered the program, compared to a control group. He has recently launched further tests in Germany, Austria and the UK.

Dr. Olds work is recognized as much for applying knowledge to prevent crime as for his developing that knowledge. Since his initial work was published two decades ago, he has led a nation-wide partnership in the US with those cities agreeing to implement the exact protocol that has been found to be effective. Independent analysts of his work estimate that his program has saved seven times as much money as it cost to implement.

About Jonathan Shepherd

Jonathan Shepherd, B.D.S., Ph.D., D.D.S., is Professor of Oral and Maxillo facial Surgery and Director of the Violence and Society Research Group at the School of Dentistry at the University of Cardiff in Wales, UK.

Dr. Shepherd has developed and tested effective strategies for reducing facial injuries in bar fights using broken glass, as well as for treating binge-drinking patterns in the course of criminal justice responses to assaults. By constructing a randomized trial testing different kinds of glass in different taverns, he showed that engineering tests of glass had failed to predict which glassware caused the most serious wounds. His leadership in forming a community partnership against crime and disorder was replicated as a national strategy by the UK government, (Crime and Disorder Act 1998). The UK glass industry switched to the manufacture of toughened glassware. He also helped to develop a national measure of violence using hospital data as a check on both police and victim survey data, and better treatments of post-traumatic stress caused by incidents of violence, (Domestic Violence and Victims of Crime Act 2005).

Dr. Shepherd has worked with several other important research projects focusing on the extent and character of violent crime and has participated in the development of other programmes to prevent violence and to provide assistance to the victims of violence.