The Stockholm Prize in Criminology

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Announcement of prize recipient 2020

The announcement for the winner of The Stockholm Prize in Criminology 2020 took place on Tuesday, November 5th at 1:30 pm (UTC +01.00). The event was broadcasted on this website.

2020 winners of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology

The 2020 Stockholm Prize in Criminology lauds Philip J. Cook, Duke University, Durham, USA and Franklin E. Zimring, University of California at Berkeley, USA for their evidence-based explanations of gun policy effects.


The nomination period for the 2021 award is now open.

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What is The Stockholm Prize in Criminology?

The Stockholm Prize in Criminology is a prestigious international award that aims to highlight the work of researchers who contribute to significant developments in criminological research. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony in Stockholm City Hall, in conjunction with The Stockholm Criminology Symposium in June next year.

The Golden Hall

Prize Ceremony

The prize was presented for the first time in June 2006 at the City Hall in Stockholm. The prize ceremony is held in conjunction with the Stockholm Criminology Symposium.


Malin Andersson, Prize Office, Stockholm University


Malin Eriksson, Symposium Office


Jerzy Sarnecki, co-chairman

Lawrence W. Sherman, co-chairman