Photo: Eva Dalin
Photo: Eva Dalin

Professor Emerita Birgitta Bremer and Professor Emeritus Harry Flam are awarded Stockholm University's Gold Medal of the 8th size. The medal was instituted in 2010 and is awarded for significant contributions to Stockholm University, its research or its teaching.

Birgitta Bremer

Birgitta Bremer, Professor Bergianus, is employed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and has worked as an adjunct professor at Stockholm University. She has during her time as Professor Bergianus contributed greatly to the development of research in systematic botany at the university. Meanwhile, she has, as director of the Bergius Botanic Garden, in an exemplary way been involved in and developed both the garden's internal and external operations. Birgitta Bremer has also towards outside parties always been a powerful representative of Bergius Botanic Garden's and Stockholm University's interests.

Harry Flam

Harry Flam has for a number of years as a Professor of International Economics at Stockholm University played a central role in his research field. He has during many years as director of the Institute for International Economic Studies decisively contributed to the institute's business development and strong expansion. As the head of Stockholm Business School, he has also made an effort of great importance for the university. Harry Flam has held a series of important assignments outside the university, including as a member of the Ministry of Finance's Economic Council.

The medals will be awarded at the inauguration and conferment ceremony in the City Hall 25 September 2015.