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Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2015

  • Fataneh Farahani Fataneh Farahani: What are the limits and terms for hospitality? The refugee crisis is one of the most significant civil rights issues of our time. Fataneh Farahani, researcher at Stockholm University and new Wallenberg Academy Fellow, will compare the work with asylum seekers and migrants, and investigate what shapes hospitality in three multicultural cities: London, Stockholm and Sydney.
  • Ilona Riipinen Ilona Riipinen: How are particles removed from the air and atmosphere? The amount of particles in the atmosphere is decisive for both our health and the Earth’s climate. Researchers have spent a great deal of time investigating what causes the emission of particles, but knowledge about how they leave the atmosphere is not as advanced. Ilona Riipinen, researcher at Stockholm University and new Wallenberg Academy Fellow, will now study how clouds and rain, for example, contribute to cleaner air.
  • Emil Bergholtz. Emil Bergholtz: Mathematics that may lead the way to quantum computers If researchers succeed in building quantum computers, today’s computers will appear as hopelessly old fashioned as typewriters do now. Wallenberg Academy Fellow Emil Bergholtz is developing mathematical theories that may guide the development of a particular form of quantum matter, which has special properties that researchers believe may be a platform for quantum computers.