Small porous crystals raise great hopes for the future. They are called zeolites, and have an optimal ability to make chemical reactions occur. All reactions are dependent on the size of the surface and zeolites have a very large surface. Porous materials that weigh one gram can have a surface area as large as a football field. In the small cavities of the crystals, selected molecules can be trapped and react in a controlled manner. This means that they can be used to separate different substances or speed up chemical reactions.

“I’m very happy and it’s very surprising! I feel very honored to receive this award and want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years,” says Xiaodong Zou.

The Arrhenius plaque will be awarded on Thursday 29 November at Kemicentrum in Lund.

“We see Xiaodong as a very worthy recipient of the Arrhenius plaque. Her research team are world leaders in zeolites, and for both industry and society, this research can lead to interesting applications,” says Medal Board Chairman Sven Lidin, Professor of Polymer and Materials Chemistry, Lund University.

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