Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)

Swedish social insurance covers everyone who lives or works in Sweden. This insurance provides financial protection for families and children, for people with a disability caused by illness, as a result of a work, or injury. The Social Insurance Agency administers social insurance and ensures that you get the benefits and allowances you are entitled to. Read more: new in Sweden.

To be covered by a social insurance benefit, you must, as a rule, either be resident in Sweden or be working here. If you work in Sweden, you are also insured for employment-based benefits. EU/EEA citizens should bring the European Health Insurance Card, issued by the social insurance office in your home country. The card states that you are entitled to health care on the same conditions and at the same price as permanent residents in Sweden.

The health system in Sweden

The health system in Sweden is run by the state, which finances the bulk of health care
costs. Patients pay a nominal fee for examinations and some tests. The state pays for
approximately 85 percent of medical costs, and everyone who is properly registered in
Sweden and has a Swedish personal identification number has normally access to this system. This means you pay subsidized prices up to a maximum amount, above which you are exempt from paying anything further. Healthcare for children is free.

Contact the Stockholm Health Care Guide (Vårdguiden) Hotline for more information, telephone: 1177.

Find the right healt care
If you need to see a doctor for illness that is not work-related, read more: a guide to the right health care.

Dental care
Everyone who lives in Sweden is covered by subsidised dental care with effect from the year he or she turns 20. Dental care is free of charge below the age of 20. Read more: dental care.


Emergency (Call 112)

In the event of an emergency,
call 112 to get an ambulance.



Medical care for employees

As an employee you can contact the University’s healthcare provider helpline for workrelated illness. The agreement does not include general medical care, but as you might be unable to determine yourself whether an illness is work-related or not, you should always call and consult a nurse. More information: Medical care for employees and You and Your Workplace.

University Health Insurance

The University offers visiting researchers and other guests free insurance
through the national Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

The policy provides emergency medical and dental coverage free of charge
for any visiting researchers, lecturers, conference and seminar participants, opponents
of doctoral theses and other foreign visitors and their families. More information: Insurance for researchers.

Preventive health care

As an employee at the University you are entitled to one hour per week of preventive
health care (friskvård, i.e. keep-fit activities) during working hours. You have access to a
number of free or heavily discounted activities in Frescatihallen as well as a staff gym. Read more: Sports and recreational facilities.