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Anti-Racism Working Group Seminar: Mino Alinia - Uppsala University


Date: Friday 28 January 2022

Time: 12.00 – 13.00

Location: Online, Zoom

Seminar with Mino Alinia - Senior lecturer, Associate Professor, Uppsala University, Department of Sociology.

Title: Discussion of the article "White ignorance, race and feminist politics in Sweden", published in Ethnic and racial studies 2020, VOL. 43, NO 16, 226-249.

Discussant: Andrea Voyer



This article discusses the Swedish government’s policy document on a feminist policy to reduce and prevent men’s violence against women. According to the article, this document is permeated by racial ignorance and politics of difference and systematically and consistently excludes and ignores racial and ethnic power structures and their consequences in migrant minorities’ daily lives and experience. The article raises questions about why some knowledge is silenced or abandoned while some is embraced and encouraged. Within a wider intersectional framework, and through critical race theory and ignorance studies, it investigates the knowledge produced in the government document and the way it reproduces, maintains, and normalizes racial otherness and social exclusion.


About the Anti-Racism Working Group Seminar Series

The Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG) aims to recognize the structures and practices of racism within our field and confront it through the platforming of anti-racist efforts in Sociology and beyond. We invite academics to discuss their recent research with a discussant and join in cordial conversation with our network.

Everyone is welcome. Students are particularly encouraged to attend and participate. For the foreseeable future, all seminars will take place over Zoom. To join our group email list and receive Zoom links please contact Vanessa Barker, vanessa.barker(a)