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Every Tuesday via Zoom: Stop procrastinating and improve your study-at-home habits

Tuesday 2 February 2021 15.15 – 16.45

Online via Zoom

During the current coronavirus pandemic university studies mostly take place through webcast lectures and studies at home. Many students find it increasingly difficult to focus on their studies as their attention is caught by other activities or distractions.

The current situation requires the students to take more responsibility for establishing and maintaining the routines necessary to conduct their studies in a satisfactory way.

Negative spiral

In some cases students end up in a negative spiral where routines fall away, procrastination may increase and eventually it becomes more and more difficult to do the necessary work. This in turn can lead to different kinds of health issues. It is important to stop this negative spiral in time.

Fulfill plans over time

Most of us have good ambitions to follow routines and act in a way that is good for us. However, it can be difficult to fulfill tasks that we do not find pleasure in and where the results or the goals lie in the future. It can also be difficult to fulfill plans over time and not only momentarily.

How to establish good routines and habits

This group is intended for you who want help with establishing good routines and habits, and also to increase your chances of maintaining these. The purpose of the group is to improve your chances to succeed in your studies from home. With support of one another we will work on creating new and improved study habits and to increase behaviours that promote your wellbeing.

Weekly meetings on Tuesdays

The group meets weekly online via Zoom, Tuesdays at 15.15-16.45. The group will be held in English. If you are interested in participating, please email us and we will contact you with more information.

Please note: The group has a continuous intake, which means that if the group is full you may be placed on a waiting list and start when there is a vacancy.

When: Tuesdays 15.15-16.45. Starts Tuesday 2 February.
Where: online via Zoom. A link will be sent by email in advance.