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Half-term assessment

Thursday 27 May 2021 13.00 – 16.00


Eleonor Ryberg will present her half-term assessment on May 27th at 13.00 via zoom.


Temporal scale changes in species distributions in boreal peatlands (south-central Sweden)

My PhD project aims to assess and identify factors that drive Sphagnum species distribution changes within boreal peatlands on both temporal and spatial scales. This will be done through (1) high-resolution macrofossil analyses on peat paleo-records reaching ~10 000 cal yr BP in order to study the long-term changes of Sphagnum species distributions and identify the most important driving factors, and (2) conducting species distribution modelling using both temporal and spatial scales. This half term assessment presents a brief background to the field and project setting, followed by the specific objectives tied to the planned manuscripts. It also outlines the already completed components within the PhD project (data collected, manuscripts prepared, and other scientific contributions), as well as a project timeline for the remaining part of the PhD project.

Please contact Eleonor for Zoom link.