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Half time seminar: Anton Larsson


Date: Wednesday 23 February 2022

Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Location: Zoom

Anton Larsson, half time seminar. Landslide Archaeology: Hazard and disaster in Western Sweden.


Since starting in the autumn of 2019, just prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been researching historical landslides in Western Sweden, the progress of which research I will present at this seminar.

The current working title of the thesis is Landslide Archaeology: Past Disasters in the Göta River Valley and Beyond. As the name indicates, the focus of the overall project has shifted extensively since 2019; not only temporally, moving further and further backwards in time, but also geographically; when I began, the research area was the entirety of Western Sweden. Today, it is the Göta River Valley (Sw. Göta älvdalen), with select forays into neighbouring areas and the wider world.

The thesis so far consists of the following papers, which are arranged as per their internal chronology of subject events rather than publication order, going from prehistory into the 21st century, with an eye towards the future and the looming threat of climate change:

•    Paper I: Unfinished single-author paper on the chronology of the Köpingen landslide and the Iron Age marketplace within, intended for Landslide in mid-late 2022.

•    Paper II: Larsson & Dury. “Jordfallet at Bohus : Reinterpreting the 1958 14C dating of a medieval landslide event”, submitted to Radiocarbon in February 2022.

•    Paper III: Larsson. Unfinished single-author paper on the geocultural heritage of the 1648 Intagan disaster, intended for Geoheritage in mid-late 2022.

•    Paper IV: Larsson. “The 1703 Skrehall Landslide : A historical archaeological perspective on disasterscapes”, submitted to META – historiskarkeologisk tidskrift in February 2022.

•    Paper V: Larsson. “Landslides vs Archaeology : Case Studies of Site Loss and Emergency Fieldwork in Västra Götaland County, Sweden”, published in Current Swedish Archaeology Vol. 29 2021 pp. 183–205.  

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