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Higher seminar: Bibliometric study of research publications


Date: Wednesday 10 February 2021

Time: 14.00 – 16.00

Location: Zoom

To publish strategically? A bibliometric study of the research publications at the department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies published between 2007-2020. Presenter: Olivier Höhn (Stockholm University Library).

This bibliometric study is a quantitative analysis of the department’s research publications registered in DIVA (Stockholm University’s Academic Archive Online) during the years 2007-2020. The main purpose of this study is to map and analyse the different types of publications and their distribution throughout the years in order to discern some possible forms of publishing patterns. The presentation focuses also on other important features such as the different publication languages, the chosen publication channels and the aspect of co-authorship.  
Bibliometric analysis plays nowadays an important but controversial role in regard to the difficult task of evaluating and ranking academic research. A good illustration of this is the new political model that currently governs the Swedish Universities’ economic funding. As an example, Stockholm University uses several bibliometric models for the internal distribution of its economic funding. In its final part, this presentation  will introduce the bibliometric model that is currently used for internal distribution of funding within the Faculty of Humanities. 

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