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Higher seminar in practical philosophy: Daniel Ramöller


Date: Tuesday 21 September 2021

Time: 13.15 – 15.00

Location: Zoom:

On the possibility of limited trade-offs


Roughly, *limited trade-off* is the conjunction of, other things being equal, (1) you ought to benefit one person rather than slightly benefit each of any number of much better-off people, and (2) you ought to significantly benefit many people rather than slightly benefit one person. I show that all recent views that have been suggested (e.g. Carlson 2000, Fleurbaey et al. 2009, Voorhoeve 2014, and Brown 2020) to capture limited trade-offs face severe problems and I suggest a novel solution to these problems.

Daniel will give an oral presentation, and there will be no paper to read in advance, and no commentator.