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Online Conference: Space in Holocaust Memory and Representation


Start date: Friday 19 November 2021

Time: 10.30

End date: Sunday 21 November 2021

Time: 18.10

Tanja Schult participates in the conference Roundtable on Sunday 21st November.

Associate professor Tanja Schult, Department of Culture and Aestethics. Foto: Niklas Björling.

"Space in Holocaust Memory and Representation 2021" is an interdisciplinary online conference on 19th – 21st November 2021, hosted by the Institute for Humanities, Northumbria University, UK

The conference aims to explore how the spatial aspects of the Holocaust have been addressed in artistic and figurative expression.

Whilst spatial analysis has characterized recent work in Holocaust studies by some historians and geographers, less attention has been given to work on cultural examples of space and Holocaust memory.

How have the spaces and places of the Holocaust been represented? How does memory take spatial forms? And in what ways can we see space as integral to the representation and memory of the Holocaust, even in cases where such spatial imagery might seem only to be implicit or act as a backdrop?

Scholars from a wide range of disciplines will present papers on the question of space and the Holocaust.

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Tanja Schult is a visiting researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In this lecture she presents her latest research.

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