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Online Shut up and write!

Thursday 15 April 2021 16.00 – 19.00

A zoom link will be sent to registered participants

Are you writing a thesis, report or research essay this semester? Join the Academic Writing Service for an online Shut up and write! session.

During a Shut up and write! meeting you put aside everything unrelated to your work and focus on getting your writing done. For our virtual Shut up and write! you join other thesis-writers on Zoom and write as much as you can over three hours, from 4–7pm.

To aid concentration we work with the Pomodoro method: we write for 40 minutes and then take 20-minute breaks. During the breaks, you can speak with consultants from the Academic Writing Service and share tips and advice with other students. The event will be held in Swedish and/or English, according to the preferences of the participants. 


To participate in this event you need to download Zoom on your computer or mobile phone (if you have not already done so). You can find information on Serviceportalen about how to install Zoom and log in with your university account:


This is how it works:

  • Make sure that you can work undisturbed for the duration of the event. Put away your mobile phone (if you are not using it for Zoom) and close all programs and browswer tabs that you do not need for your work.
  • A consultant from the Academic Wrirting Service will lead the event. During the first 15 minutes we present ourselves and the work we intend to complete during the afternoon. It is important that everyone has joined the meeting by 4pm so we can all participate in the introductions. It is also important that we have our audio and video on at the beginning of the meeting.
  • We will then begin our series of three uninterrupted 40-minute writing sessions, with 20 minute pauses between them.
  • It is important that you do not stop working until the event leader says so.
  • At 18:55 we round off the event with time for questions and comments. At this time, you can also exchange contact details with other thesis writers if you like.
  • In the pauses you can:
    • chat with other thesis writers in break-out rooms. 
    • speak with the writing consultants leading the event.
    • take a pause on your own by, for example, making yourself a hot drink, meditating, going for a short walk, or listening to music.

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