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Presentation Master thesis - Daniel Slominski


Date: Thursday 9 June 2022

Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Location: Nordita, House 2, floor 6

Daniel Slominski is presenting his Master thesis, as a part of his Master degree in theoretical physics at Stockholm University.

Title: Analysing the Higgs Boson to Two Photons Decay Channel

In this thesis defense, the di-photon decay channel of the Higgs boson is explored.  Full analysis is taken to one-loop, along with qualitative studies of further precision calculations. To understand this process, we build up this Higgs physics by way of gauge theories of the Standard Model and spontaneous symmetry breaking.  The uniqueness of the Higgs field is given by its production of mass eigenstates in the standard model; these mass couplings are apparent in Feynman amplitude calculations. Once this is understood, we can begin to ask questions about the interesting physics involved; including, non-decoupling, higher order loop corrections, and effective field theories applied to the process in question.


Supervisor: Konstantin Zarembo