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Register for the second semester of the Master's programme

Important dates

Start date: Monday 3 January 2022

Time: 00.00

End date: Sunday 16 January 2022

Time: 23.59

Location: Ladok

Don’t forget to register in Ladok for the spring term courses. Registration for the second semester of the Master’s programme: January 3 – 16, 2022.

If you will start your second semester of the Master’s programme in public health sciences - don't forget to register!

The registration is open in Ladok between January 3 – 16, 2022.

Register in Ladok

The courses you should register for are:
PH05A0 Qualitative data sampling, materials, and collection 2.5 credits
PH06A0 Coding and analyzing qualitative materials 2.5 credits
PH07A0 Analyzing qualitative text and visual data materials 2.5 credits
PH08A0 Management and description of quantitative data 2.5 credits
PH09A0 Basic statistical analysis 2.5 credits
PH10A0 Statistical data modelling 2.5 credits
PH11A0 Early life conditions, health development, and child public health 7.5 credits
PH12A0 Life-course perspectives on ageing and health 7.5 credits

Course description, schedule and literature will become available on the different course websites one month before the course starts.

After having registered you will get access to the new course sites in Athena.

In order to be able to register you must have paid the tuition fee for the upcoming term.

If you have any questions regarding course registration, please contact the study administrator at: