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SBS Finance Seminar - Ester Félez Viñas


Date: Monday 13 June 2022

Time: 13.00 – 14.15

Location: Online and Room 79 on 6th floor, House 2

On Monday, June 13th at 13:00, Ester Félez Viñas (University of Technology Sydney) will present a paper titled “How should we ring the closing bell? Determining optimal closing auction design”.

The seminar will be held in Room 79 on 6th floor, House 2.
You can also participate on zoom via:

You can reach Caihong Xu via 08-164494 or 0767126065 if you have difficulties in finding Room 79 at SBS.

The finance section organizes weekly research seminars on Mondays, 1 pm - 2.15 pm.
If you want to present or attend a seminar, please contact:

    Caihong Xu, or
    Sara Jonsson,