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Seminar: Paul Reilly


Date: Wednesday 23 March 2022

Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Location: Zoom

Paul Reilly (University of Southampton). Haunted Pixels, Quantum Wells, or Temporal Debris in a Digital Plough Zone? Digital Images+D in archaeology.

Digital images are produced by both humans and autonomous devices everywhere and, increasingly, ‘everywhen’. Additionally, legacy analogue data is being digitalised. The archaeological record is being pixelated as increasing volumes of archaeological data are combined and (re)presented visually as images.  However, although rendered to look like photos, images have more in common with spreadsheets which are infinitely revisable and infinitely extensible. Old and contemporary data can be merged, endlessly, to create messy temporal aggregates combining, as Gavin Lucas sums it up, “a mixture of things from different times and with different life histories but which co-exist here and now”. 

In this paper, I take a subversive virtual art/archaeology approach to reconsider the radical temporality of archaeological digital images utilising a set of case studies relying on conventional and not so conventional  Reflectance Transformation Imaging, Retroactive Photogrammetry, Structure from Motion, Photostacking, Style Transfer and GoogleEarth timelines. 

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