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Sleep workshop


Date: Tuesday 21 March 2023

Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Location: "Ekosalen", Studenthuset, Frescati campus.

Welcome to a workshop about sleep and the importance of good sleeping habits.

Good sleep is necessary for good health and plays a crucial role in restoring and repairing the brain after our daily activities. It is also, among other things, important for us to effectively store information in our long-term memory, for our learning ability, our concentration and creativity as well.

The sleep workshop is practically oriented with theoretical elements from current sleep research. The aim of the workshop is to give you practical and useful tools to understand and come to terms with your sleeping habits. Welcome!

Date: Tuesday 21 March

Time: 15.00–17.00

Location: Frescati campus, Studenthuset, universitetsvägen 2B, House Beta, "Ekosalen".

Registration from 7 March:
When registering, please provide your name, phone number, email address, university, study programme or course.

Workshop leaders: Angela De Matteis, counsellor and Sofia Shakibi, occupational nurse at the Student Health Services.

A sleeping man with his hand on an alarm clock.
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