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Student conference


Date: Wednesday 8 June 2022

Time: 13.00 – 16.00

Location: The auditorium, 215, Manne Siegbahn buildings, Frescativägen 24E

The Department of Culture and Aesthetics invites all students to our first Student conference.

Six students sitting at a lawn at University Campus.
Photo: Katja Kircher / Mostphotos

During the afternoon several students will be talking about their essays, written during this semester. There will be a break for some coffee and snacks, and a chance to talk to other students at the department.

The first presentations are held in English, and after the break there will be presentations held in Swedish.



13:00 Introduction

Presentations in English

Dario Galleana: The Phenomenology of Homely Sounds: Hearing and Listening as Epistemological Tools for Social Research (Sociology)

John Sennet: When Two Tribes Go to War: An Investigation into how Indie Record Companies Were Able to Compete with Major Record Companies during the Late UK Post-Punk Era, and How the Majors responded to Change (Musicology)

Yara Gawrieh Ekmark: The Ecocritical Instapoet: Digital Media Ecofeminist Poetry (Litterature)

14:00 Time for questions
14:15 Coffee break

Presentations in Swedish

Ulrika Winbäck: “Hvad mitt öga skådar” – En studie av marinmålaren Pehr Wilhelm Cedergrens skisser (Art history)

Otto Ruin: Där tider möts – Om anakronismer och historiemedvetande i Hubert Roberts måleri (Art history)

Nanna Carlstedt: Astarte – En system- och ideologikritisk roman: Boyes kritik av kapitalismen (Literature)

15:15 Time for questions


Hope to see you there!



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our study councellors:

Study councellors at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics