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Sustainability Forum 2021: From crisis to sustainability

Thursday 22 April 2021 08.45 – 15.30

Stockholm University’s third Sustainability Forum will be held on 22 April. The theme is “From crisis to the sustainable development of society”.

Digital event, you will be able to follow Sustainability Forum here.

Taking the corona pandemic as a starting point, the programme will look at different moments of change and crisis, both now and through history, and what we can learn from them. How does it affect society and our relationships to each other – globally, nationally and individually? Can an acute, unexpected crisis bring about positive change in a totally different area? What will be the effects of trust and openness? Control and unrest?

Sustainbility Forum is a recurring event at Stockholm University which aims to bring people together, build networks, and create collaborations for sustainable development.

Paneldebatt vid Hållbarhetsforum 2019.
Sustainability Forum 2019. Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein


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