How did your time at Stockholm University affect your career?

“The LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law was fundamental for the development of my career. I had been involved in arbitration cases before the LLM, but I would have not been the professional I am today without the LLM at Stockholm University. At personal level, the LLM gave me the privilege to interact with outstanding persons. Patricia Shaughnessy continues to be my mentor and my close friend and I still have so much to learn from her, and the alumni of the LLM program are my dear friends, always prepared to step in if help is needed.”


Crina Baltag, Photo: Private

Crina Baltag, Photo: Private

What was the best part about studying at Stockholm University?

Crina found an outstanding quality of the teaching at Stockholm University, she says, and continues: “It was a unique opportunity to interact with the professionals acting in the field of arbitration. And, the professors and administrative personnel were always available and helpful.”

In Stockholm Crina met amazing friends for life, and she thinks that Stockholm is a great city, and that Sweden is great country. Crina also took the time and effort to learn Swedish during her studies: “I enjoyed the Swedish language courses throughout the year.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about being an international student at Stockholm University?

“The competition for a place in the LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law at Stockholm University is quite fierce. I think everybody who got a place in the programme managed to do so because of the ‘whole package’, which includes academic records, work experience, extracurricular activities, a passion for arbitration and so on.”

Would you like to add something?

“A Master’s programme is not only about what you learn from books and from the lecturers. It is also about what you learn from your colleagues, how you benefit from the unique environment of various cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It is how you can approach and direct your next career moves. It is how you can build your network and make friends for life. And the LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law at Stockholm University offers the full conditions to enjoy all these.”

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