MFS Buddy

Julia and Milan in Nepal, MFS Buddy Mentor Programme

What is MFS Buddy Programme at Stockholm University?

Stockholm University has launched a pilot project called the MFS Buddy Programme to reconnect with alumni from the University who will guide students who embark on a Minor Field Study initiative abroad.

Carlos and Tobias MFS Colombia

A great opportunity to learn about different cultures

Tobias' passion for travelling and discovering other cultures was the reason behind applying for a Minor Field Study scholarship (MFS). Another reason was to add an international component to his education, which would make it more complete.

Aviva and Desak in Indonesia

A way of expanding networks and building new relationships

Aviva received a Minor Field Study Scholarship (MFS) to study Eco-tourism in Bali, Indonesia. She decided that she wanted an MFS Buddy in Indonesia, who could help her with local guidance, regarding her field studies.

Elin och Andreas MFS Buddy Kenya

To give more insight in the local context

Elin decided to do an MFS because she was curious and wanted to put her knowledge into practice to test what she had learned so far during her studies at Stockholm University. When she was asked about the MFS Buddy Programme she thought it had to be good and positive.

Rasika and Suzanne MFS Buddy in Sri Lanka

More at ease with an MFS Buddy in the host country

The Minor Field Study Buddy Programme in Sri Lanka provides a great opportunity to have a contact that can meet up with you and show you around, and answer questions you may have when starting your field study in a foreign country.

To discover new parts of the world with a friend who knows the country

To discover new parts of the world with a friend who knows the country

Josefin Airas and Lovisa Lindqvist are studying the Bachelor’s Programme in Global Development at Stockholm University. They decided to be part of MFS Programme and to have an MFS Buddy during their Minor Fields Studies in Rwanda.

Amanda and José MFS Buddy Galapagos Ecuador

An amazing experience – Minor Field Studies in Galapagos

The Minor Field Study Buddy Programme in Galapagos is a great opportunity for alumni to assist students from Stockholm University who conduct field work within their master’s studies on the islands.

Lilibeth and Gingin MFS Buddy in the Philippines

To enrich one’s personal and professional insights and networking

Curiosity led Lilibeth and Gingin to participate in the Minor Field Study Buddy Programme in Manila who hope that they will exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.


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