1. Serve as an external representative in a council

External representatives in councils and boards provide the University with new perspectives while gaining valuable experiences and contacts.

2. Get involved in innovation and entrepreneurship

The Innovation Office and SU Inkubator help students and researchers with their business endeavours. Mentors, advisers and partners are needed on a regular basis.

3. Become a guest lecturer

Do you have any work experience or specialist expertise in a subject that you would like to talk about? Report your interest as a lecturer or seminar leader directly to the relevant department or to SU Alumni, alumni@su.se.

4. Participate in research collaborations

Your organisation can fund a research project that meets your needs for knowledge. The University can also help you seek external funding. 

5. Receive study visits

It would be greatly appreciated if you and your colleagues would receive a group of students and talk about the workplace and your work.

6. Become a mentor

Meet with a student over a period of time to discuss studies, career choices, professional life, etc. This will give you an opportunity to reflect on your experiences.

7. Receive an intern

Does your workplace need help for a period of time? Receive an intern for 5-20 weeks and let him or her assist you with skilled tasks.

8. Hire a student writing a thesis

If you have a research problem at your workplace that you do not have time to investigate yourselves, enlist the help of a student in the first or second cycle.

9. Recruit

Please contact Stockholm University when your workplace needs to recruit new employees, and we will help you reach the right target group.

10. Donate

You or your organisation can donate funds to, for example, a field of study or a department that is close to your heart.

Contact us

We will help you get in touch with the right people: alumni@su.se