Stockholm University has had a focus on Latin America during the spring 2018. The President and Vice-president of Stockholm Univeristy have visited several countries in Latin America and staff from Stockholm University have attended Education Fairs in Mexico and Colombia, and arranged alumni events in connection to the fairs to reconnect and rebuild the relationship with the alumni. 

Keeping in touch with alumni

Tina Larsson and Madelene Henriksgård from the Student Services at Stockholm University met with alumni living in Colombia on 13 April at Club Colombia Restaurante in Zona K. The purpose with the dinner was to reconnect with the alumni and to hear their stories about their time at Stockholm University and where they are now in life. It was also a possibility for the alumni to network and get to know each other, which was highly appreciated. During the dinner, the alumni received information about ongoing projects at Stockholm University, where alumni are involved, for example the Ask our alumni, the MFS buddy programme, the alumni network facebook page. They all got Stockholm University bag to remind them of all the good memories at the university and in Sweden.

Alumni Dinner in Bogotá
Alumni Dinner in Bogotá Photo: Tina Larsson

Voices from the alumni

Fernando Remolina

Alumn from the Master's programme in Social-ecological resilience for sustainable development
Currently working on sustainable development in Colombia

“The hospitality at SU couldn´t be better. SU is really prepared to receive international students. The alumni dinner was great. It was nice to share time with easy-going people in a relaxed environment.  I have also enjoyed having a lively conversation with Tina and Madelene and I´m grateful that SU shows interest for their alumni and always tries to keep in touch with them.”

Mauricio G. Valencia
Alumn from the Master’s Programme in Globalization, Environment and Social Change
Currently working as Academic Coordinator at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá

“Having this alumni dinner was indeed a great idea. This kind of events strengthen the bonds between former alumni and Sweden, thanks for being in touch! This meeting brought back a lot of memories, I still remember the smell of coffee and kanelbullar from the Pressbyrån and students enjoying the end of the summer days during the lunchtime. One of my favourite times in Stockholm was fika-time with my classmates in one of the many beautiful cafés of Gamla Stan.”

Tove Nyberg
Alumn from the Juristprogrammet (Swedish Master's in Laws, 4.5Y)
Currently a PhD-student in Criminology at Stockholm University with field research in Colombia

“The Alumni dinner was incredibly nice and familiar. Everyone went on really well and we had interesting conversations where we exchanged experiences/guidance. It was very generous of SU to host such a dinner. It really means a lot to keep in touch and meet fellow alumni. I started my studies at Stockholm University in 2008 where I studied history. I distinctly remember thinking the university seemed big and hosts many students of different ages. My two favorite things are the green area surrounding the university and the vibrant and familiar environment at the Criminology department.”

Felipe Noval
Alumn from Master of Laws (LL.M) in European Economic Law
Currently working as Leasing Managing Director at the Colombian Banking Association.

“I want to thank Stockholm University for that wonderful dinner that we had, and for trying to keep in contact with all its alumni around the world. It was a perfect space to meet more people and to share experiences from Sweden. I feel blessed and grateful to have had the chance to study at Stockholm University. It was an extraordinary year full of experiences and wonderful memories. My first memory in Sweden was to see a cosmopolitan city, full of culture and nature. I got impressed with its beauty and well organized infrastructure. Once I got to the Stockholm University campus it was fabulous to see how many people from all the world and different background were going to attend studies in different fields right there. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all the world and learn new things from them and their cultures.”

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