Stockholm University has had a focus on Latin America during the spring 2018. The President and Vice-president of Stockholm Univeristy have visited several countries in Latin America and staff from Stockholm University have attended Education Fairs in Mexico and Colombia, and arranged alumni events in connection to the fairs to reconnect and rebuild the relationship with the alumni. 

Reconnecting with alumni living in Mexico

On 11 February Stockholm University arranged an Alumni Fika at the Sheraton Hotel Maria Isabel in Mexico City. Jeanette Nordström from the External Relations and Communications Office and Tina Larsson from the Student Service at Stockholm University were there to meet the alumni and had brought cinnamon buns. The fika was attended by a number of alumni who most of them had been on exchange programmes with Stockholm University. The air was full of good stories and laughter, since the alumni shared their first memory of Sweden and other memories from their time at Stockholm University. Some of the alumni expressed an interest in coming back to study a master's programme, and others were thinking of applying for PhD-studies. Jeanette and Tina also updated the alumni about the ongoing projects at Stockholm University where alumni are involved for example the Ask our alumni and MFS Buddy programme. 

Alumni Fika in Mexico City
Alumni Fika in Mexico City Photo: Tina Larsson

Voices from attending alumni

José Pablo Copca Penchyna, exchange student at the Department of Mathematics, spring 2017: “I’m thankful to Stockholm University for organizing this fika with other fellow alumni. I would love to be part of more activities involving Stockholm University. I remember how beautiful Stockholm University looked all covered in snow. It was a complete new experience for me and made feel really excited to spend the next 5 month of my exchange programme there. I remember on one of my last days in Sweden, my friends and I spend a whole day in Spegeldammen and Lappis beach. I’m currently finishing my last semester of Actuary and Applied Mathematics in ITAM in Mexico City and I would love to go back to Stockholm University for a visit or even to obtain my master’s degree.”

Braulio Farid Antonio Chi, Exchange student at the Department of Physics, spring 2017: “Fika was a ubiquitous activity in my life in Stockholm, and having fika here in Mexico brought back a lot of memories. My first memory from Sweden was feeling truly welcomed by the very light snow falling in my glasses. It was the first time for me to experience snow. I enjoyed so much the coexistence of the landscape and the level of activity of a capital city, with the quiescence of nature, from the woods and rivers. I met people in Stockholm University whom I’m friends with until today. I’m very excited to say that I will be back in Stockholm soon as I was recently accepted to complete my master’s degree at SU, which will start in September.”

One of the alumi are coming back to Stockholm University this autumn to study one of our master's programme. We hope to meet our alumn for a fika at the Frescati campus.

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