Mentors and students listening to speaker
Mentors and mentees listening to Alice Stål

“The alternation of generation, co-leadership and learning organizations are the most significant trends in leadership, trends that will last for a long period of time” said Alice Stål.

She highlighted that the entry of the millennials into the labor market and into leading positions, along with existing inter-generational leaders, affects the type and style of leadership as they are so deeply rooted in their values.

 “Different leadership styles will meet in teams and board rooms. What will happen then and who is learning what from who?” asked Alice Stål.

New demands on leadership

She then talked about co-leadership, or shared leadership. The hyper segmentation of competences in the labour market, with new roles emerging, demands a new type of leadership. Co-leadership, where two leaders working together, could be one solution. Here, one leader is more of a general leader - good with handling people, groups and projects, while the other one is a technical specialist who is able to mentor other specialists in the organization to be develop themselves technically. To have all these competences is too much to ask for of one single leader, Alice said.

Today, when new branches and industries are emerging, organizations must be able to shift and adapt and transfer new knowledge quickly and train their employees. Therefore, organizations must reflect on how to continue learning and growing.

“Organizations have to look into different ways to learn and find different solutions. One way of learning may be fit for some, while other ways works for others” said Alice Stål.

Next Steps Meeting for participants of the Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme is now half way through. The mentors and mentees listened to Alice Stål and then continued talking among themselves over dinner while alumni at the “Third Tuesday” afterwork continued mingling in the bar. 

In February the theme will be “sustainability” – always an engaging theme. See you then!  

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