A multicultural environment and world-class education

My time at Stockholm University was crucial for my career and it will play a major role in my career path now and in the future. Besides creating a space which inspired my personal development, it offered me a multicultural environment and world-class education. The best part was represented by the dedication of the professors for their work, all in a very open-minded and international environment, where one has access to all the necessary resources for a proper development. Your progress is within your hands, you have all you need here and you just need to think and use your resources wisely. Stockholm University gave me the inspiration to aim high, it taught me how to be better, how to continuously learn and how to interact with people from various environments.

Ionut Potrache Globalisation, Environment and Social Change
Ionut Potrache Photo:Private

Bringing students together through writing

I volunteered for the Gaudeamus magazine by Stockholms Universitets Studentkår during my studies.I was also a writer for the Erasmus Student Network at Stockholm University. In addition, during the past year, I have been part of the League of the Romanian Students Abroad – the Swedish branch. I have mainly been writing on subjects regarding student life.

Moreover, I have been writing for a long time now for story touRs. I write short articles on upcoming events in Stockholm, about traditions and important highlights of the city. I’m also writing about the Stockholm metro, trying to present every station in the city. 

A life-changing experience

I would say, if you are looking for an adventure, for something that will challenge you, for an experience that will enrich your current and future life and if you are seeking top-level European education, join Stockholm University! I’m grateful for what Stockholm University has offered me, for the chance to study something I always liked and for the opportunity to meet so many inspiring professors and colleagues. It is truly a life-changing experience

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Today he is working as a key user at the service centre of Klarna, where he updates the information needed to onboard new e-stores into the company’s systems. In five years, I would like to still be living in Sweden, with more focus on my Swedish skills, in addition to exploring the world in my spare time.

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