Nussara Jaturunsomboon studied at Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University in the autumn 2014. She was an incoming exchange student from Thammasat University in Thailand.

To be in an international environment

Nussara chose to study one semester at Stockholm University since she wanted to be in an international environment. The best part of studying at Stockholm University was the multicultural environment, where she got to know people from all over the world, who she now is able to call friends. They are still in contact and many of them have visited Nussara in Thailand, which has been an opportunity to catch up and talk about the time they spent together in Stockholm and Sweden.

The November’s atmoshpere 

Coming from a tropical country like Thailand, Nussara had no idea what she calls the “November’s atomosphere” is like in Stockholm. “It was my toughest time”, she says. She missed the sunlight, during October and November, when the days were getting shorter and darker. Though, they had a lot do in class, with finishing essays and assignments, “It was a hard time, but after all, it’s a good experience”, she concludes.  

Nussara alumni from Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University
Nussara Jaturunsomboon Photo:Private

Advantage to know the Swedish culture

Today Nussara is working for the Thai- Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) in Bangkok. She thinks she got the position because she had studied at a Swedish university. She understands the Swedish culture, and knows some of the major Swedish international companies, which is a result of studying at Stockholm University.

Nussara is responsible for coordinating events and projects the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is organising to support Sweden related companies and business interests. She also manages the organisation’s outgoing communication, through the website, social media and other channels. It is an interesting and challenging task, since you need to be creative and spontaneous at the same time, she says.

Advice to prospective international students 

“You don’t have to worry about speaking Swedish, because almost every Swede speaks English very well. The campus is beautiful and full of facilities and the metro station is just at the entrance of the campus, so it’s very convenient to travel to or from the university,” she says.

Giving back as alumna

Nussara participated in the pilot project called MFS Buddy programme during the spring 2018, which involves alumni and current students at Stockholm University. Nussara welcomed a student from Stockholm University, doing fieldwork studies in Thailand. She says she was happy to join the programme, since it is a way of staying connected to Stockholm University, and to get to know new friends. Nussara is sure that she and her new friend, Irini, will keep in touch in the future. 

Where do you want to be in five years?

Nussara has plans for her own business, and she hopes to make it happen and that she will be successful.

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