I studied the Master of Laws (LL.M) in International Commercial Arbitration at the Department of Law.

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Dear Ms. Margi,
I am from India with 2.5 yrs PQE, My area of specialisation always remained Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. What are the chances to obtain the scholarship at Stockholm for LL.M in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, keeping in mind my academic background always remained as average? Secondly, is it necessary to qualify ILETS/TOEFL even if the Law college has issued a transcript stating the medium of studies/moot courts etc were in English. Kindly help me with my queries.
Thanks & Regards, Anshul Rawat


Dear Anshul, 

Thanks for your email. 

This are some very specific questions and I don't think I can actually answer them fully. 

With regards to your grades and the scholarship, let me tell you that the scholarship is not only dependent on grades but can also be awarded based on financial means. I know that in my year several individuals got a scholarship directly from SU (watch out for their scholarschip application information) and as far as I know this was not based entirely on grades but rather on need. (This may have changed since my time however). 

As for the TOEFL, again I cannot answer that either. 

I would highly recommend for you to reach out to the course coordinator of this particular program and ask that person these questions. 

Wishing you good luck! 


Hi Margi! I really liked the video that you put up on your experience at the University and in the city. I wanted to ask you about the scholarship(s), if any that the University provides and the kind of job opportunities that the city offers after you graduate.


Dear Pranjal, 

I hope this email finds you well. 

I am glad you liked the video and are interested in SU and Stockholm. 

With regards to scholarships, I am forwarding you the following links for your information:

Fees and Scholarship information

As for the job opportunity question you have, it is a bit tricky. As a lawyer, it is rather difficult to find a job in the legal field. This is understandably because a foreign lawyer would mostly likely be Swedish qualified and/or is not fluent in Swedish. I myself was trying to find a job as a lawyer and wasn't successful. I was however fortunate to find another job which suited me and my professional goals much better in the end. 

It is also a very small legal community, with mostly just Stockholm being the main hub with the bigger law firms etc. What could be a benefit and potentially lead to a job, is you have a particular skill which is needed. For now that seems to be lawyers from Russia or China as there are many arbitration cases with those countries as parties to the arbitration. 

Though I don't want to sounds discouraging, and I do think it is definitely possible to find a good job here in Sweden, it is more of a "being at a right place at the right time" type of situation and Stockholm is simply not big enough of an international hub than for instance London or Paris, which would be more welcoming to foreign lawyers. 

I hope this answered you questions. 

Good luck with everything. 

Kind regards, 



Hello Margi, I am from Nigeria. I would like the post study prospects of having or obtaining an LLM in International Commercial Arbitration.  Would I be able to get a with and live and work in Sweden? Thank you. Rasheed


Hi Rasheed, 

Thanks for your question. 

I am not sure what exactly you are asking there, but I think you want to know about visa application to study and work in Sweden during your LL.M.? 

If that's the case, then unfortunately, I cannot answer that. Visa applications are done through the Immigration bureau and they have the prerogative to make decisions whichever way about such applications. I recommend that you take a look at this website to answer that question: 


Kind regards,