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Hej, Thank you for answering the questions. I have some questions: 1. You said you currently do phd in a university in North. As a non-EU citizen do you pay for phd or is phd tuition waivered and stipends given to you? (Like in the US for example) 2. You are a literature major but I am actually interested in the art history major in the same department as you, Department of culture and aesthetics. Can you tell me a little about that department? Can students majoring in literature classes take art history classes and vice versa? How much percentage of the students in art history major or just in that department (Dpt of culture & aesthetics) from outside of Sweden? Thank you, Yoonjung


Dear Yoonjung,

Thank you for you for your question.

1. PhDs here is Sweden are actually a bit better than in the USA because you are employed by the University. In this case it does not matter if you come from outside Sweden or a from the EU. You get a contract and a monthly salary from the University plus all the benefits from being employed (payed vacations, maternity leave, funds for traveling...)  You also get a residence permit for 2 years.
2. As for your second question, the Culture and Aesthetics Department does offer an International Masters Degree in Art History. I was reading a bit about it  and it says that many course are offered in Swedish (and of course I believe that to be elegible you need at least some credits in Art History on a bachelor level). I am not sure how easy it is to take courses from each others programs, it really depends on your background. If you have been admitted to a program I would surely ask the director of studies. 
Here are the links for the International Masters Degree in Art History. https://www.su.se/ike/english/international-master-s-programme-in-art-history
And the direct contacts that can give you more accurate answers in terms of taking courses from Literature and Art History or the language in which they teach.
Contact International Master’s Programme in Art History
Chair of Programme
Magdalena Holdar
E-mail: magdalena.holdar@arthistory.su.se
Programme Coordinator
Richard Carlsén
Phone: +46 (0) 8 16 46 80
E-mail: richard.carlsen@su.se

I could not tell you how many students come from outside Sweden, but as I stated I think most of the programs they offer are in Swedish, so it entails that at least the ones that do study in that department have a really high command of the language. Here is the contact for student expedition that could answer that question.
Mattias Arreborn
Rum: 260
Tel: 08-674 74 84
E-post: expedition.ike@su.se

Hope you find your way smoothly through the above information!



Hi Juanita, I graduated with Mathematics BA. However, I would like to have a master degree in Literature. Do I need to have a literary background in order to apply? What are the entry requirements exactly? As an international student how much chance do I have to be admitted in the Programme? Can I apply for a scholarship? What is the difference between the Master's Programme in Literature at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics and that at the Department of English? Thank you so much. One last question if you are not very busy can we do FaceTime? I really want to ask you few questions.



Nice to hear you want to study Literature. To answer your questions I will enumerate them.

1. As part of the requirements, you need to have studied at least 120 credits in Literature. I had also a different background so I had to study a Magister before applying to Sweden. 

2. To check for the specific requirements you can go directly to https://www.universityadmissions.se/intl/start  and write the program (Literature) and in which Universities you would like to apply to. 

3. As to the differences, Master in Literature at the Culture and Aesthetics Department is fully in Swedish. If you decide to apply for the English or any other language-specific literature it means that it will be held in the specific language. Nevertheless, if you study a language-specific literature there are some compulsory courses held at the English department. The main entry requirement then for the latter is to have language proficiency and have taken some significant amount of credits in that particular literature.

4. As far as chances, the university admissions platform is centralized so it gives you a certain amount of "points" that qualify you for the Master's. It is more about having the requirements to get in, than luck! 

Here is a link of the different programs with their specific requirements https://www.su.se/ike/english/education/courses-and-programmes/literature/master-s-programme-in-literature-120-ects-1.222069

Hope this is helpful! 



Hi Juanita,

I’m so happy that you replied my email right away. Thank you so much for the links. I will check them out. 

I do not want to bother you with my questions but can I ask few more?

1. What is a Magister? And where did you take it? 

How much time does it take 120 credits?

You’ve said  the university Admissions platform gives a certain amount of points that qualify one for the Master’s. What is this point system? Does it mean that for each accomplishment one gets point? Do you think that I would be admitted if I’ll take preparatory English Literature courses along the Master?

2. I would like to study English Literature. So do you think that I should apply through the English department or the department of Culture and aesthetics.

3. You’re not at the Stockholm University now, right? What are you doing? Do you want to stay in Sweden? Where are you from? Do you enjoy being there?

I am so sorry of asking you so many questions.

Hope to hear from you.

Take care.



Hi again!

I can try to answer them but I suggest you check studyinsweden.se or the universityadmissions.se chat that answers more specific questions regarding their selection criteria.

1. A Magister is like an inbetween degree between bachelor's and master's it takes berween 1-2 years and I did it in my home country. 

2. The selection criteria is very clear explained on the website universityadmissions.se read all the FAQ and use their tools that are very straight forward and usefull! And check the English Departments requirements that will answer your question regarding the possibility to be admitted.

3. You apply through university admissions, you select the program English Literature so you don't go through any department, the system automatically knows from which department you belong to. If you select Swedish or Scandinavian Literature then you'll  belong to the Culture and Aesthetics department and you will also have to prove your knowledge of the Swedish language.

3. I am not at Stockholm anymore, I am doing a PhD in Literature in a University in the north. I did want to stay in Sweden so I applied for several PhD positions during the last semester of my Master's. I am from Colombia, South america and I am very happy in Sweden. I enjoy what I am doing a lot and got the chance to continue studying literature!

The best advice I can give you is to thoroughly read the websites, to check out the Study in Sweden blog that is amazing, and lastly to study Swedish!

Warm regards,



Hey ! I'm from Colombia as well but currently in Italy. I would like to know what financial helps for tuition and accommodation you can apply at this university?. Cheers. Wilfrido


Hi Wilfrido!

Financial aid for students who are not nationals from EU/Switzerland are unfortunately not that many (and only for Master's level).

1. The first one the one offered by the Swedish Institute (SI). Every year they have some target countries and some target areas of study. Depending on your field it can happen that it has more or less allocated spots. So for example my field is literature and the year I applied the main areas where Sustainable Development, Green Energies where most of the spots where allocated to. This is the link to all the info about those scholarships https://studyinsweden.se/scholarships/swedish-institute-scholarships/

2. The second scholarship is Stockholm University scholarship which has a limited amount of spots for all the master programs at University. Check the website to see the selection criteria.  https://www.su.se/english/education/fees-scholarships/scholarships/scholarships-offered-by-other-organizations-1.307528

3. If you are already studying at a European University chances are that you can apply for Erasmus scholarship and you would not need to pay for tuition fee. 

Accommodation, on the other hand, is only provided to you if you are on exchange. For the rest of students its either to enrol in the queue for the students apartments or finding a room on your own. I would recommend doing some reading on this on the blogs.studyinsweden.se where they discuss the subject thoroughly. 

Hope this answers your questions!



Dear Juanita,

Thanks a lot for the information at times is not easy finding what you want to get. Anyways, as I'm Italian citizen as well I'm currently looking for a master's of Arts in Spanish lit or Latin American studies but with financial help or any kind of job to cover the expenses.

Thanks again,



Hej again!

If you need to find a job then I would completely recommend to learn Swedish at least to a A2/B1 level before coming. I found a job since the first semester so it is indeed possible :) There are many offers and you have to look hard! But it is possible. 

Best of luck!