I studied the MSc in Management, Organization & Society at the Stockholm School of Business.

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Hi Kevin! 
Great insights, thanks.
I applied for the programm for the 2019 intake as I think the content of the studies are very interesting, but I was not able to find information about the class structure of the programm, which would be interesting to know.
So my question to you: How many students were in the programm? What was the ratio internationals/swedes? Age structure? Male/female? 

Thanks in advance for your information!


Good morning Theresa,

Thank you! Nice to hear you are interested in a study at the Stockholm university. Yes I very much enjoyed the management program as well!

I am not sure about any statistics or anything, so I will just give you my experiences from my time in Sweden 😉

There were around 60-70 people in my class (I am seeing 74 people in the facebook group of my class, but I am not sure if everyone was there the entire time). Depending on which electives were chosen this number was higher or lower. But this was only in the second year of the program. I was actually surprised by the amount of international students in my class. I think around half of the students were from Sweden and the rest were from others countries. Both from inside and outside of Europe. Most of these students were around my age, between 20-30. I think we had 1 or 2 people who were older. But it is mostly equally like-minded people. I think this is very nice, since everyone has similar (not in every way of course) interests and is in the same phase of their lives. And the division between men and women was around 50-50 as well.

I hope to have given you some useful insight, but please don't hesitate to contact me again if anything is not clear!

Good luck with your studies!

Kind regards,
Kevin Hovland



Any DBA or PHD program in retail or business administration?


Good morning Dickson,

Nice to hear you are interested in studying at the Stockholm University!

We have indeed several choices for a PhD at the Stockholm University (I am not sure about retail though). However, I have not heard of there being any DBA programs. But I will forward your email to the study and careers counselors and maybe they can answer that question.

For PhD studies there is no central admission, but you can look at the following websites and apply for more information to your department of interest.


There are several requirements for starting a PhD, for some you need to have knowledge of the Swedish language. Check this website for more information if you need to brush up your skills.


For more information on doing a PhD you can also visit this website. This has an extensive amount of information for students applying for a doctorate degree.


I hope to have given you some pointers you can work with. Let me know if I can help you any further!

Good luck and I hope you find want you need!

Kind regards,
Kevin Hovland



I am an old man of 66 years and a retired Engineer. I am interested to attend in the year 2019 an international short course in the university of Stockholm which may help to discover about Swedish culture, life style,religion and historical places.Therefore may I know that whether such courses are arranged by the university and is it possible for me to attend such courses? Thanks


Hi Shamim, 

Nice to hear you are interested in studying at the Stockholm University! To help you I would like some more information on what it is you want to study. Is it just a single course your are after?

They have many different programs and courses at the university and I would advise you to take a look at the online course catalog. Here you can search for any relevant courses you would want to do: http://sisu.it.su.se/en/educations

In the link below I have selected several departments such as history, culture, Swedisch language etc, which might be of interest: https://sisu.it.su.se/en/educations#?f[type]=course&f[dept]=104,103,106,154

Are you planning on staying in Sweden for longer? If so, it might also be nice to read a bit more: https://sisu.it.su.se/en/educations#?f%5Btype%5D=course&f%5Bdept%5D=104,103,106,154&q


I am also forwarding your email to the University admission officer to see if they can help you find a fitting course (study@su.se). Also you can take a look on their website for any information regarding admission requirements: http://www.su.se/english/education/application-admissions

Depending on which course you will follow, there will be different requirements. The same applies when you are from outside of Europe.

I hope this can be useful for you! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards,