I studied the Master´s Programme in Marketing at the Stockholm Business School.

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It is a pleasure to have you answer some of my questions. So, in the 3rd semester where can we transfer beside Paris as you mentioned. If you please, can you maybe add my Wechat: winaldy 
Andre Winaldy


Dear Andre,

Thank you for your question and I hope you are doing great and ready for the upcoming application! 

For the 3rd semester transfer studies, attached is the school list from my time, however, this list would change from year to year, just for your reference. As you can see that most are top universities in the world. The university I went was Paris-Dauphine, famous for its Finance program, which was very impressive. 

For WeChat, you are welcome to add the SU alumni group "SU" to ask more questions in the group (QR code attached). Also, if you are resident in Shanghai, you are welcome to join SU alumni event (attached is the address) this Friday, 26th October, in Shanghai and the education fair this weekend in Shanghai, where you can meet up teachers from Stockholm University! 

Have a nice day!

Best regards, 

Wei Wei

Hi Wei Wei,

Hope you are doing well. I was just wondering how are the job prospects post graduation for non-Swedish students?

Thanks, Archana 




Hello, what GPA did you have when applying to masters degree to Stcokholms University?