Bharatendu Agarwal, who studied the LLM International Commericial Arbitration Law (ICAL) at Stockholm University in 2013-2014 is part of the programme as a MFS Buddy and met up with Martin in New Delhi.

To gain a firsthand experience

Martin Söderman wanted to gain a firsthand experience of global issues with a focus on international investment law. He knew it could be difficult to meet with lawmakers from the Indian government by his own initiative, as he experienced the Indian society as quite closed, especially if you are a foreign researcher interested in public policy. Local contacts are therefore crucial in terms of being able to introduce one to the right people. “I don’t think I would have been able to gain much information by myself. My MFS buddy Bharatendu could do just that, being a lecturer at a university and specialising in international investment law”, says Martin. 

Martin and Bharatendu MFS Buddy in India
Martin and Bharatendu Photo:Private

Building bridges

Bharatendu Agarwal is currently teaching Public International Law and International Arbitration in the capacity of Assistant Professor in Law at Ansal University in Gurgaon, 30 km south-west of New Delhi. He perceived the MFS Buddy programme as a system of building bridges and wanted to participate in the MFS Buddy programme as a way of giving back to Stockholm University. “I expect to be able to be a good host and ensure that no guest returns from India without a smile or good memories”, Bharantendu says.

Both Bharatendu and Martin thought the first meeting went well, when they discovered famous places in New Delhi, for example the India Gate and Connaught Place. Martin says he had a great time in India, and that it was a great learning experience, much thanks to Bharantendu and the MFS Buddy programme.

A magical time in Stockholm and at Stockholm University

Bharatendu has vivid memories from his time at Stockholm University. He thinks the LLM ICAL programme offered him a unique opportunity of sharing knowledge with 34 students coming from 24 different nationalities. The cultural diversity taught him things that are not easily quantifiable and the classmates will remain with him throughout his life. He also mentions how Professor Patricia Shaughnessy and Fabricio Fortese enriched him academically and intellectually. “Preparing Memos for the Willem C.Vis International Commerical Arbritration Moot under the guidance of Celeste Estefanía Quere and representing Stockholm University in Hong Kong and Vienna happen to be memories which I genuinely cherish”, says Bharatendu.  In the near future, Bharatendu is scheduled to leave for Islambad in Pakistan, where he will start working as the Assistant Director (Law) at the SAARC Arbitration Council (SARCO).

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