Tobias Landström is enrolled in the Psychology Programme at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University. His passion for travelling and discovering other cultures was the reason behind applying for a Minor Field Study scholarship (MFS). Another reason was to add an international component to his education, which would make it more complete.

Carlos Castellanos studied the master’s programme in LLM European Intellectual Law at Stockholm University in 2011–2012. He was keen to be part of a multicultural academic environment, and to learn more about respect and equality between human beings, hence, he chose to join Stockholm University to pursue his master’s degree and learn about Intellectual Property Law. Today, Carlos is working as a Senior Associate at Baker McKenzie in Bogotá, which is a multinational firm with offices all over the world. He is responsible for the ICT area and Competition law matters.

Carlos and Tobias MFS Buddy in Colombia
Tobias and Carlos Photo:Private

To give back to Stockholm University

Carlos decided to participate in the MFS Buddy Programme as a way of giving back to the university. He wanted to feel involved and be considered as a member of the project by providing students visiting Bogotá and Colombia with the experience he gained from studying abroad at Stockholm University.

He remembers his time in Sweden as the best time of his life as a student. “I still hear the snow falling in the roof of the library and the voices chatting in the corridors of the university. Actually, I still remember my first time arriving to the orientation day – glorious and remarkable moments”, Carlos said.

A great opportunity to know Colombia

Tobias thought it was a good idea to have an MFS Buddy, since it provided a great opportunity to get in touch with somebody who lives in Colombia and knows the City of Bogotá. “For me that often results in the most fun and enriching experience. I think everyone should enrol in MFS if they have the opportunity as it develops the personality and widens your knowledge about different cultures.” Tobias said.

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