Aviva Blomquist is enrolled in the Bachelor’s Programme in Global Development at Stockholm University. Aviva received a Minor Field Study Scholarship (MFS) to study Eco-tourism in Bali, Indonesia. She decided that she wanted an MFS Buddy in Indonesia, who could help her with local guidance, regarding her field studies.

Valuable life experience

Aviva wanted her fieldwork in East Bali to give her studies a more hands on situation, and a more nuanced picture of the topics discussed in theory. She saw the possibility to be part of MFS as a great opportunity to practice working more independently and gain confidence in herself.

Aviva realised that things move a lot faster and easier in Indonesia if you have small network of people who can guide you through different settlement procedures and introduce you to other key people. She says that travelling alone can be scary, especially if you do not have many contacts in the country you are visiting. This was the main reason for Aviva to have an MFS Buddy online in Jakarta, during her time in East Bali.

Aviva hopes that by being part of the MFS Buddy Programme, she will make a new friend, who could refer her to the key persons and give tips on how to deal with different situations: “Some ‘inside help’ will always be needed in field, I think!”, she said.

Aviva MFS Buddy in Indonesia
Aviva Photo:Private

A mutual introduction and collaboration

Desak Putu Deni Putri Adnyani studied the Master’s Programme in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University for two years (2013–2015). She was a Swedish Institute Scholarship holder. Today, Deni is working for an independent organisation called Alumni Swedia, together with Indonesian alumni who have studied in Swedish Universities. She values her study time at Stockholm University and says it developed her personally and professionally. Deni is from North Bali, and is now living in Jakarta.

Deni decided to participate in the MFS Buddy Programme as way of expanding her network and building new relationships. She thinks that the MFS Buddy Programme will benefit the local people in Indonesia through practicing their English language skills, sharing their knowledge and being able to promote their services and products. Deni hopes that the MFS Buddy Programme will turn out with good results and become a long term project. She welcomes the idea of having students from Stockholm University doing their fieldwork in cities as Jakarta, Makassar, Medan and Yogyakarta. She believes that this will help strengthen the bond between the University and its alumni. 

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