José Gabriel León Jaramillo studied the Master’s Programme in Marine Biology at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Plant Sciences (DEEP) at Stockholm University in 2015 – 2017. He is now working as a researcher at the Galapagos Science Center in San Cristobal Island in Galapagos, and is also a field supervisor for students at Stockholm University.

Amanda Wännman and Philippa Haupt are both studying the master’s programme in Marine Biology and are conducting their fieldwork in Galapagos as part of their master’s thesis. Amanda’s focus is on Sea Turtles and Philippa’s focus is on Sea Lions.

MFS to explore the world

“I decided to take part in the Minor Field Study programme since I have travelled a lot before I started studying at the University, and have spent much time in the tropics and developing countries”, Amanda says. She is interested in the challenges these countries face, and would like to work within this field in the future. “Galapagos is the place to do conservation biology and is an excellent place to start the career”, she says hoping to develop her skills and further opportunities to find a job after her studies. 

Amanda and José in MFS Buddy Galapagos Ecuador
Philippa Haupt, Amanda Wännman, Michael Tedengren and José Leon. Michael Tedengren, Associate Professor at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences. Photo: Private

Alumni help newcomers settle in

Today José is currently working with the Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles, which are some of the most threatened and charismatic species that exist in the Galapagos, and he intends to use all the knowledge and skills learned during his studies at Stockholm University in his endeavour. “I plan to continue working towards the conservation of the Galapagos archipelago immense biodiversity”, he says. 

An amazing experience

Amanda recommends students to do an MFS as part of their studies. It is a chance to do parts of the thesis in another country. “It is an amazing experience”, she says.

For the future, José hopes to assist more students from Stockholm University “to explore and learn more about my amazing country and its unique biodiversity”.

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