Oliver, Josefin and Lovisa in Rwanda

Josefin Airas and Lovisa Lindqvist are studying the Bachelor’s Programme in Global Development at Stockholm University. They decided to be part of MFS Programme and to have an MFS Buddy during their Minor Fields Studies (MFS) in Rwanda.

“We thought that the MFS Buddy programme could be helpful in giving us insights about the country we’re spending eight weeks in. It would be more fun to write our bachelor thesis about something that we have experienced and lived. In addition, it will be a great opportunity to explore new places and see the world”, they said.

A great opportunity to stay in touch with the University

Oliver Uwimana is an alumna from Stockholm University, where she studied Computer and Systems Science, 2014 - 2017. She thinks it is inspiring to help students doing their fieldwork in Rwanda to settle in a new environment and also give them practical tips to understand the Rwandan society and people better. Oliver also stated that her country would benefit as well when students and researchers come to conduct research in Rwanda. 

”I am grateful that Stockholm University have contacted me to participate in this programme, because it is a great opportunity to keep in touch with my university and alumni in general”, she said.

A helpful friend away from home

Josefin and Lovisa thought it could be helpful to have an MFS Buddy while conducting their fieldwork in Rwanda. They would receive insights from a local in a country where they were going to spend two months in, which a person cannot gain from a book. An MFS Buddy could share fun ideas and tips on things you can do in Rwanda, restaurants and places you can visit, which you will not find in a guidebook – “It would be fun to have a friend who is from the country we’re staying in, and who also has experience from Swedish culture and lifestyle”, they said.

Oliver takes pride in being an MFS Buddy. “Participating in the MFS Buddy Programme will help me to have more friends which is a good thing”, she said. She is now working as an assistant lecturer at the University of Tourism, Technology and Business studies.