Lilibeth and Gingin MFS Buddy Philippines
Lilibeth and Gingin Photo: Private

Lilibeth Back studies the Master’s programme in Globalization, Environment and Social Change at the Department at Human Geography at Stockholm University. The theme of her fieldwork is “A Discourse on Informal Economies in the Context of Globalization and Urban Gentrification: The Case of the City of Naga in the Philippines”.

Eugeniano Perez III, or Gingin which he is preferred to be called since nicknames are common in the Philippines, studied the LLM European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University in 2005. Today, Gingin is the Senior Counsel of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baños, Laguna, about 65 kilometers from Makati City in Metro Manila.

An exchange of ideas and learning experience

Lilibeth’s curiosity led to her participation in the MFS Buddy Programme. It was the possibility to meet an alumnus from Stockholm University, who is working in the research field, which Lilibeth is interested in too, that was a contributing factor. In addition, she was interested in theopportunity to exchange ideas and learn from the MFS Buddy’s research experiences from Stockholm University. Gingin thinks it is rewarding to meet someone from the University and that it is a way of extending his personal and professional network. 

What are your expectations of the MFS Buddy Programme?

Lilibeth is hoping that the MFS Buddy programme will enrich her life personally and professionally.Gingin sees his participation as a possibility to give back and reciprocating the kindness he met during his time at Stockholm University. “I would like to see an organised Stockholm University alumni association in the Philippines”, Gingin says.

“It was a magnificent experience to meet in person”, Lilibethsays, and it was great meeting Gingin’s colleagues during a visit to the IRRI, where Gingin works.

Information about the International Rice Research Institute 

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