Our international alumni are an important resource for Stockholm University. As Sweden’s largest university we are a consequential actor in the global community. But competition for the recruitment of talent, both students and researchers, is rife. If we want to maintain our international reputation and top-100 ranking, we need to invest in building relationships with our most natural international allies – you! Our international alumni!

Great potential

International alumni can be key players for their alma maters in international student recruitment. You have the ability to act as our ambassadors in your home countries and can give an authentic and personal voice to our brand and messaging toward prospective international students. You can open doors for us in countries where we otherwise might have difficulty getting a foot-hold and have the potential to assist us in how we position ourselves in new markets.

Our international alumni are a proactive, informed and intentional group of people with a lot to offer both Stockholm University and Sweden. To pack up your life, quit your job, let go of your apartment, and wave goodbye to family and friends takes courage, optimism and determination. I think our international alumni are an exciting group and I am certain that Stockholm University has a lot to win by staying in contact with them, says Erica Öjermark Strzelecka, International Alumni Coordinator at Stockholm University.

Mutually beneficial

Stockholm University has in its turn a lot to offer our international alumni. By staying in touch with us, we can offer you further educational opportunities, the possibility to be involved in research studies in various ways, career and job opportunities and unlimited potential ways of collaborating with us and a multiplicity of actors within our reach. By staying connected with us and our greater network of alumni you can expand your horizons both professionally and socially.

Get in touch!

International alumni of Stockholm University – please get in touch with us! We want to hear from you and hope we can interest you in a range of projects that we are currently setting in motion. Contact us directly: alumni@su.se and register with our alumni network Stockholm University Alumni Network today.

We look forward to hearing from you!